A downloadable game for Windows

You have ten seconds before the theme will be announced! Collect blocks in anticipation of the theme and once it's announced, get building! The player who covers their theme picture the best wins!

An unfinished abstractish action party game for 1-4 players, made in 56 hours for Train Jam 2017.

Player 1 - WASD (movement) - Left Ctrl or Space (pick up/drop) [or Gamepad 3]
Player 2 - Arrows (movement) - Right Ctrl or Enter (pick up/drop) [or Gamepad 4]
Player 3 - Mouse (movement) - Left Click (pick up/drop) [or Gamepad 1]
Player 4 - Gamepad 2 - Dpad (movement) - A button/Button 1 (pick up/drop)


TrainJamThemeAnnouncementSimulator.exe (Unfinished) 2 MB