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Superposition is a game for 2-4 players where you use the peaks and troughs of soundwaves to reflect a ball back at your opponent. Each player gets a particular waveform and the waves on each side are combined to form a new team wave in superposition. Players can move their own wave left and right (phase) and adjust the size (frequency), creating new and interesting team waveforms to bounce the balls past the opposing team's red goal line.

Lower Team Controls
Player 1: Q/A to move, (1/2 to adjust frequency/size)
Player 2: Z/X to move (C/D to adjust frequency/size)
Upper Team Controls
Player 3: N/M to move (B/H to adjust frequency/size)
Player 4: L/P to move  (0/- to adjust frequency/size)

Code/design by Micha Faw - https://ghostmaple.itch.io
Music & Sfx by Stephen Froeber - https://srfaudio.com/

Tips: Don't give up! A ball that has gotten past your top peaks can often be deflected sideways for a last minute save. - Controls seem too much? Ignore the frequency controls and focus only on the left to right movement of your own wave. Individual waves can be seen as thinner, fainter lines behind the team wave. - Can't seem to score on the other team? The red goal line gradually moves up as a team successfully defends, making it harder for them to defend against those awesome shots of yours!


Superposition v1.1 4 MB

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